Vintage La Pavoni Europiccola Espresso Machine Manual Lever



Origin: Italy

I bought this Pavoni Europiccola from a guy in Germany. I serviced it by descaling the boiler and group head. I took it apart completely and changed the gaskets. I also put in a new electric switch and polished it. To help me do better espressos I added a pressure gauge, although if you would like to remove it, I will include the screw to put in its place. I bought it a new drip tray, since it was missing and I also polished all the chrome.
These are the gaskets I changed:

  • Filter holder gasket
  • Group shaft gasket
  • Grouphead to boiler gasket
  • Top boiler gasket
  • Piston gaskets

Be aware! You will need to practice a lot to be able to master doing a perfect espresso with this machine, since it is all manual, so there are no shortcuts for it. With this machine, it all depends on you.