Why this site?

I loved the Red Paper Clip story and decided I wanted to exchange nice things with others. I also like creating stuff and “adapting” objects, so I decided to put all of it into a website, hence Semisnob was born.

How does the exchange work?

If there is something you like, add it to the cart.
At the checkout, select “Exchange for something else”.
The item will be set aside for you and then I will email you to see if the exchange works for both of us.
After we agree to the exchange, you send me your item.
Upon receipt I send you my item and the tracking number for it.

Who pays the shipping and handling?

I will pay for the item you selected at the shop, and you will pay for the item you will send in exchange.

What if I live outside Canada?

No problem, I will send the item abroad, but please be aware that you might be charged import duties when receiving the item. The same applies to me; I will pay the import duties for what you send me.

Can I exchange for a service or something intangible?

Sure, I am open to it.

What happens if we do not come to an agreement for the exchange?

I put the product back into the shop.

Can we exchange it in person?

Yes, if you live in Montreal and find something you like, then we can meet in real life to do the exchange.

Too weird?

OK, then you can just buy it with PayPal or Bitcoin.

What to exchange?

I don’t have a wish list, so surprise me. Just a few rules:

  • You do own it.
  • It is not illegal.
  • You give permission for your former goods to be traded later on.
  • It is not broken.