is the sum of two passions: the internet and design. I have made a
career of the former and I am now putting it to the service of the latter in order to
explore how both worlds shape the unexpected evolution of our lives.

SemiSnob in the Media


  “The Store”

Inspired by the Red Paper Clip saga and wanting to house the nice things I have acquired but that I’m not using, I decided to exchange them with you.

SemiSnob Creations

I also have the goal to create prototypes of everyday objects with a modern, Gattaca-era look, using non-industrial means. All pieces are hand-crafted by making original use of simple tools and materials. The result is a unique style for the discerning semi-snob who dares to look beyond brand names.

My Hacks

Sometimes it is how you do it that makes it cool; these are the hacks I came up with.